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First Published in May 1982.

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ANTONIO MARCHIORI Roman thermal baths at Cima Gogna (Auronzo), p. 133

GUIDO ROSADA Torcello (Venice): topographic data, p. 143

EMANUELA ACCORNERO Michele della Torre: an archaeologist of the 19th century, p. 151

MAURO CUCARZI Geophysics prospection on the paleo-Venetian necropolis of Piovego (Padua), p. 171

-Notes and bibliographic records

BIANCHIN CITTON ELODIA Prehistoric and protohistoric remains of Bassano and its surroundings in the new archaeological section at the Civic Museum, p. 189

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CORSO ANTONIO Bibliographic records of the X Regio from (River) Mincio to the Italian State borders for the year 1982 and addenda for the years 1979 and 1980, p. 203

EDITORIAL BOARD Norms for collaborators, p. 247


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