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First Published in March 1983.

MARIOLINA GAMBA An attic ceramic fragment from the excavations of the ex-Pilsen area in Padua, p. 7

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EMANUELA ACCORNERO Roman thermal baths of Forum Iulii (Cividale), p. 63

ANTONIO CORSO Ancients mosaics of Padua: considerations over the formal aspect and the urban problem, p. 83

ALESSANDRA TONIOLO A slip ware decorated cup from the excavation of the Civil Hospital of Este (Padua), p. 121

MARGHERITA TIRELLI Five burial stelae from the excavations in Altino 1981, p .135

SIMONETTA BONOMI A memorial stone with a shepherd figure in Verona, p. 143

LORENZA MORO Contribute to the study of the coinage circulation in Concordia during the IV century A.D., p. 159

ELEONORA ROSSETTO The mansio Anneiano of the Itinerarium Antonini and the route of the Roman road from Este to Modena, p. 191

ANNA NICOLETTA RIGONI The “Venetia” into The Ravenna Cosmography, p. 207

-Notes and bibliographic records

MARGHERITA TIRELLI Altino (Venice) “Le Brustolade” – excavations 1982, p. 239

ANTONIO CORSO, EMANUELA ACCORNERO Bibliographic records of the X Regio from (River) Mincio to the Italian State borders for the year 1982 and addende for the years 1979 e 1980, p. 24.


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