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First Published in December 1986.

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GIOVANNA GAMBACURTA Pre-Roman semi-fine ware cups from the necropolis of Altino (Venice), p. 149

ANTONIO CORSO A Greek sculptor inscription from Venice, p. 201

GIULIANA CAVALIERI MANASSE The Roman house of Piazza Nogara in Verona, p. 209

CINZIA FIORIO TEDONE Painted graves from the Early Middle Ages found in Verona, p. 251

MICHELANGELO MUNARINI A Byzantine sgraffito ceramic fragment of the 12th century from Padua, p. 289

FRANCESCO COZZA Ceramics and glasses of the 14th-16th century from the excavations of Piazza Cattedrale in Concordia Saggittaria (Venice), p. 297

-Notes and bibliographic records

ELENA MARCHLA The Civic Museum of Civilisations in Polesine di Rovigo, p. 323

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REDACTION Archaeological collections of the Venezie, p. 333

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