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First Published in December 1988.

LUCIANO BOSIO Protohistoric paths and trails in the area of the modern Friuli Region, p. 7

MARA MIGLIAVACCA Fibulae Certosa in the prealpine area between Adige and Brenta, p. 21

GIOVANNA GAMBACURTA Again on the pre-Roman semi-fine ware from the necropolis of Altino (Venice), p. 53

MARIA GRAZIA MAIOLI Roman materials of the votive offerings from Villa di Villa (Treviso): ceramics, p. 71

ALESSANDRA TONIOLO Roman age transport containers from Polesine of Rovigo, p. 87

ROBERTA BENALI For the history of the studies on Roman Vicenza: the work of Arnaldo Primo Arnaldi Tormieri, p. 129

GIANPAOLO CANDIANI The reasons for a choice, p. 147

GIAN PIETRO BROGIOLO 1988 First archaeological campaign at Rocca of Monselice. Preliminary reportp, p. 149

ALBERTO RIZZI Other Venetian-Byzantine patere on the Venetian mainland, p. 167

FRANCESCA SACCARDO, LORENZO LAZZARINI, ERNESTO CANAL Late Medieval ceramic findings at the Scuola Vecchia della Misericordia, Venice, p. 185

LORENZO LAZZARINI Chemico-mineralogical analyses on some Late Medieval ceramic fragments from the finding at the Misericordia, Venice, p. 233.


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