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SIMONETTA BONOMI A new attic red-figure krater at the Museum of Adria, p. 7

MASSIMO VIDALE, ROBERT EHRENREICH, MARIO MICHELI, ALESSANDRO VANZETTI New clues on the metal transformation activities at the Protohistoric site of Rotzo, p. 15

STEFANO TUZZATO, GIOVANNA GAMBACURTA Late paleo-Venetian structure with romanisation traces in Padua, p. 45

GIOVANNA TOSI The Roman theatre of Padua: the status of the problem, p. 79

BRUNO CALLEGHER Aspects of the coin circulation in the area of Oderzo, p. 103

GIANPAOLO DE VECCHI, ANTONIO ROSSO Soapstones in Veneto, p. 161

FRANCESCO COZZA Ceramic and glass findings from the 14th-15th centuries in the palace previously belonging to Dondi dall’Orologio in Padua, p. 171.


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