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DANIELE VITALE A tomb with Latenian weapony from Gomoria near Montagnana (Padua), p. 7

ELENA DI FILIPPO BALESTRAZZI Two Greek reliefs and the problem of Greek sculpture in the Adriatic, p. 27

MARGHERITA TIRELLI Funerary monument from Mirano (Venice), p. 65

LIDIA FERSUOCH, ERNESTO CANAL, SALLY SPECTOR, GIOVANNI ZAMBON Archaeological investigations in San Lorenzo di Ammiana (Venice), p. 71

GUERRINO MALAGOLA, BRUNO CALLEGHER Late Medieval archaeological findings at the tower of Tovena in Cison of Valmarino (Treviso), p. 97

ERNESTO CANAL, FRANCESCA SACCARDO Late Medieval wastes from a kiln in Venice, p. 115

STEFANO TUZZATO, MARCO PERESANI Three core drills at the former convent of the Eremitani in Padua, p. 143

PIERLUIGI BIANCHETTI, PAOLA COGHI, NUNO PROENÇA, DE ALMEIDA, ALESSANDRO VANZETTI, MASSIMO VIDALE Corrosion and wear traces on the surface of a bronze axe from Oderzo (Treviso), p. 151.


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