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Essays in honour of Luciano Bosio

First Published in April 1994.

ALESSANDRA MENEGAZZI Bibliography of Luciano Bosio, p. 13

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RAYMOND CHEVALLIER An essay on historical topography: borders and boundaries in the Cisalpine, p. 59

PIER LUIGI DALL’AGLIO Man and environment between Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages: continuity within diversity. The example of western Emilia, p. 73

FRANCESCA GHEDINI Theseus myth in the Augustan propaganda, p. 85

GIOVANNI GORINI The 3rd century AD bronze hoard from Camin (Padua), p. 95

GIOVAN BATTISTA PELLEGRINI Latin declination form and local names, p. 101

GERNOT PICCOTTINI Gladiators on Magdalensberg, p. 109

LORENZO QUILICI A vineyard in the Calabrian landscape, p. 117

GUIDO ROSADA Again on the Claudia Augusta and on the milestone of Cesiomaggiore, p. 131

CLARA STELLA Franciacorta between Prehistory and the Roman period. Historical and topographic observations, p. 139

GIOVANNA TOSI A frieze of weapons from Padua: topographical and iconographical notes, p. 151

GIOVANNIUGGERI The rural settlement system in Roman Friuli, an insight from the Renaissance, p. 167.


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