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First Published in September 1998.

ELODIA BIANCHIN CITTON, SILVIA CIPRIANO, STEFANIA MAZZOCCHIN, CARLA PIRAZZINI, ITALO RIERA, ANNA NICOLETTA RIGONI Excavations at the “Gothic House” in Asolo (Treviso). Stratigraphic sequence from Late Bronze Age to Middle Ages, p. 7

GIOVANNA MARZIANI, ALESSANDRO IANNONE Excavations at the “Gothic House” in Asolo (Treviso). Analysis of carbon samples from layer 22 (Late Bronze Age), p. 50

SILVIA CIPRIANO The Roman necropolis of Piazza de Gasperi in Padua, p. 55

MARISA RIGONI The archaeological area under Piazza Duomo in Feltre, p. 69

PAOLO VERGER The finding of a scramasax in Sant’elena d’Este (Padua), p. 79

MICHELE ASOLATI Altino during the Late Antique and Byzantine periods seen through the monetary findings, p. 87

OTTO MAZZUCATO Landscape in Venetian sgraffito ceramic, p. 133.


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